Life is an Adventure

Yesterday I told you I was officially mid-move.

Guess what?

I was wrong.

Our closing date has been moved up to Thursday. That's right . . . the day after tomorrow. Yikes!

Now I'm officially in running-around-like-crazy mode. Last night I made significant progress in packing the rest of my office. Everything here is packed that will go to storage. Things I'll take with us are scattered about.

Today I tackle clothing. Again, I know what's going with us, so it's a matter of packing everything else. When I finish there, it's straight to the kitchen.

There will, of course, be puppy breaks.

Which brings me to something that dawned on me yesterday while I watched Wrangler and Shiner play. I observed time and time again that it's often the one who makes the most noise and sounds like he's dying who is, in fact, the instigator and not in any danger whatsoever.

When I realized this, it occurred to me that this behavior translates to humans. Often the one who makes himself into the aggrieved party is nothing but a trouble-maker, a pot-stirrer, or the guilty party. This isn't always the case, but look back over the news the past few years and see what you think.

I hope to see all of you tomorrow for at least a brief post before the Official Coastal Disconnect, after which posting will be spotty until we reconnect in San Antonio in a couple of weeks or so. In between I'll be begging and borrowing computers around the Lone Star State.

Off to Packing Land!