A Comedy of Errors

I was going to write about two funny things that happened this morning before I sipped any caffeine, but maybe they were only funny to me. Or maybe my brain is too tired for me to make you smile with the words here. I tried, but the result was blah. Just know that I laughed out loud twice before ever tasting the first sip of coffee. Once at Shiner, and once at myself.

Almost everything is packed. After I write this post, I'll disconnect my computer and finish packing the bathroom and kitchen.

Then comes the great clean-up.

Now, I hate housekeeping. I should say, instead, I HATE housekeeping. The only nice thing about cleaning now is that it's not too bad cleaning empty rooms. Wipe down any flat surface, run the duster over anything that hangs, vacuum, and you're done. Ta-da!

Bathrooms remain bathrooms, however. And the kitchen. All the cupboards are bare, but the fridge looms. Not looking forward to that. I'll save it for last. Maybe I'll find a hidden jar of olives to keep me company while I toss and clean!

I'll post when I can, but probably not before the weekend. I'm going to miss everyone until we get settled and I'm back here every day.

Or in Arnold's words . . . I'll be back!