Cold and Hot

Who knew it would be afternoon before I ever sat down at my computer today!

And I have only a few minutes, so I'll make this post short and sweet.

The other day while I was driving back from San Antonio, something happened to me that's never happened before. I've driven all over this country, for the most part, in all seasons, and in all kinds of weather. Once, while driving with my dad in Tennessee, we even saw some strange and unexplainable green lights in the eastern sky.

What occurred this time isn't as freaky as those lights, because I know what it was and why it came about, but it was still a strange happening.

It was cold in San Antonio, in the 40s. The front had pushed through early that morning. As I drove southeast, it was still cloudy and cold, until I neared the coast. About an hour out, the clouds lowered and the wind picked up. It got pretty dark, but no rain fell.

All of a sudden, every window in my car fogged up. At first I thought it was foggy outside, but when I switched on my windshield wipers, I found that wasn't the case. I glanced at the thermometer, which had been hovering in the upper 40s to low 50s. It said 62. And it climbed as I watched. 64. 65. 67. 68. 70. 72. In well less than a minute, probably more like 30 seconds.

I had passed through the leading edge of the cold front. Within about two minutes, the outside temp was 76, and a few minutes later, 82. I was driving about 75 mph. A few minutes later, the sky was clear and sunny. This all took place about 1 p.m. The cold front reached the coast that night about 7.

I've driven the other way and crossed from hot to cold, but this was my first experience going from cold to hot.

Have any of you ever done this?