Yellow and Blue Make Green

Except when they don't.

Too much yellow, and you have chartreuse - one of my favorite colors, by the way. Too much blue, and you have teal.

Life is kinda like that.

Too much of one thing or the other, even though you like it, can throw things off kilter. But color is finite in a way. Pure yellow is always yellow. Pure blue is always blue.

Life is a little different.

In life, too much balance can also throw things off kilter. Striving to always maintain a balance can make you miss too much because you're unwilling to alter that balance.

Experiment. Choose the path with a few weeds rather than the one worn clean. Feel the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face rather than keeping your hair and makeup perfect inside. Try something new the next time you eat out.

Thoughts from a writer's brain on a lazy Saturday morning. I think I need to get to work.