Two months ago, Hurricane Ike ravaged Galveston Island. Today it snowed there. Two months. Today I see it's snowing in south Louisiana. Snow on the bayou.

Not only is it a rarity to have snow on Galveston (I really don't know about Louisiana, but I'm pretty sure it's just as rare there), but for snow to fall in December is almost unheard of.

I grew up in Houston. The few times I saw snow as a child were usually in February, maybe January, but always after the new year. Mom said we didn't do white for Christmas. More likely, it was too hot to wear that new sweater.

Mother Nature is a weird chick.


So where are the pictures of your snow???? LOL

A co-worker received a text message from his son, who happens to live in Houston. The son wasn't too happy. I immediately thought of you.
Carol Kilgore said…
No snow on the hibiscus here in Sunny South Texas, where the weather guru says it will be 70 today. Houston is way north and east of here by a couple hundred miles.