Our Furry Friends

Animal rescue centers are great things. I know this because our furry child-friend found us at one a little over three years ago when he was barely two months old. In this photo, he had been a member of our family for about a month.

Some will accept any abandoned/abused/unwanted animal. Some are breed specific. Some are cats only, birds only, whatever.

Many are in need of foster humans to take animals into their homes and give them love, care, and attention. If you are interested in such a temporary arrangement, please contact a shelter or rescue group in your area.

Fostering doesn't work for everyone, but you can volunteer your time in other ways. Again, contact a local shelter or group to find out about their needs.

All are in constant need of donations and funds. Food isn't cheap. Neither is veterinary care or medications. Especially at this time of year, when we're focused on friends and family, it's easy to forget about our furry, feathered, or otherwise-covered friends.

Here's an easy way to help a little every day:

One click every day provides about 1/2 cup of food. Takes a second. If you want to do more, you can make additional donations or purchase items from their online store.

It costs one second of your time.

Please help.


cher said…
if you send this to lauren she'll love it!