Ho! Ho! Ho!

The jolly old guy in the red suit sent me an email. I'm pasting it here.

Well, my friend, as if I didn't have enough to worry about, what with getting all the gifts in the sleigh - and the elves still running behind on two toy runs.

Blitzen's antlers hung at an odd angle this morning, and I asked him what happened. He wouldn't tell me, but Prancer blabbed. Seems Blitzen and Donner got into it last night. And Vixen was the cause of it all. He wouldn't tell me what that was all about, but I can guess. Vixen got new bells from a secret admirer.

Prancer said he told Blitzen he looked like a hatrack on a lean-to. Blitzen got hot and threatened him. He said if Prancer didn't leave him alone, he wouldn't even have antlers by lunch time.

Well, you know Prancer. He said, "Oh, I'm sooooo scared."

Dasher and Dancer intervened before Blitzen could get at him. And a good thing, too, because Comet and Cupid were going to back up Blitzen. Poor Prancer wouldn't have stood a chance.

All Donner ended up with was a black eye, and it should be all right by Christmas Eve. So I had Rudolph pull them all together for a meeting. He said he got everyone calmed down, and he thought they'd be fine.

Now if the elves would get it together, I could relax a little. Only a few more days, then it's vacation time at the beach.


At least we mortals don't have to deal with all that.