And no, I am NOT preggers.

I absolutely love Mexican food. I love Italian and Greek, and lots of other kinds, too, but Mexican food is the only food I ever crave.

When the craving strikes, it's never for anything particular but for the flavor in general. Tacos, enchiladas, tamales. Fajitas, carne asada, chalupas. You name it.

When I read, I also crave certain things. On a regular basis, I try to alternate books by men and women. And books by favorite and new authors. But when the craving hits, I have go-to authors that rarely disappoint.

Sometimes I need to laugh. Carl Hiaasen, Sarah Strohmeyer.

Sometimes I want to grip the edge of my seat for a thrilling ride. Nelson DeMille, James Patterson, David Baldacci.

And sometimes I want a love story. Linda Howard, Sandra Brown.

Like with food, I'll eat almost anything, but I have favorites. The same with reading. I read a lot of authors, but when I crave a particular thing, I know who will satisfy my need.

What/Who are some of your favorites?