When Do You Shop?

Thanksgiving will be here next week, followed by the traditional opening of the holiday shopping season. But with the economy in such a shambles, retailers' Black Friday may take on a new meaning this year. I hope not.

But I'm wondering how many of us really wait to shop? I prefer to have all my gift shopping complete by now. This year I'm running a little late but I'm almost done. I won't need to scour shelves for the perfect gift along with 50 jillion others searching for the same thing. I may need something last-minute, but I hope not. I much prefer to shop all year so that when I see something great, I grab it and have my list half complete before I even think about making a list. This is something that works well for me especially for those who are difficult to buy for. You know what I mean.

Some people I know love waiting until the last minute. They run out a couple days before Christmas, sometimes even on Christmas Eve, and find all the perfect gifts in a couple hours. I wish I knew how they did that. It's a skill that isn't in my toolkit.

Is that you? If so, leave a comment and tell me how you accomplish it.