Sunday Morning

When I started writing this blog, I figured I might be good for a day or two. But I have just the opposite problem - figuring out which of the ideas popping into my head to follow. One of these days I may actually write about writing.

But since it's Sunday morning, I thought I'd talk about that. Sunday.

Lots of songs about Sundays. Sunday Morning Coming Down. Never on a Sunday. Pleasant Valley Sunday. Many others, I'm sure, but these popped into my head first.

This day is clear and cool, sunny and still. Bright blue sky out my writing window.

This is our first real cool front of the season here in South Texas. Or as Texans say, our first norther. It's about 10 a.m. and about 50 degrees outside. Chilly inside, though, because the heat isn't on. It's going to be air conditioning weather again in a couple days.

While I love weather like this, it isn't my favorite Sunday weather. Unless I want to go to the beach, of course. My favorite Sunday weather is a whalloping thunderstorm with heavy rain. That way, I can snuggle back under the covers or read a book or grab my live-in handyman. All great pastimes for rainy Sundays.

But since today is sunny, I guess I'll go outside after it warms up. Or maybe a movie. Bond is back.


Cher said…
Cute! Love the idea! You have way too much time on your hands. I wish I had that much time on my hands. Well, not literally...