My name is Carol, and I'm a List Maker.

Oh, God. My dreadful secret is out. Now everyone knows why I walk around with stickies attached to my forehead.

I make lists for everything. Sometimes I have a list of lists I need to make. I'm not kidding.

Lists are problem solvers for me. Stuff that ends up on lists collects in my head like dust bunnies under the sofa. When I sort everything into lists, the clutter in my head goes away.

Right now on my desk are a list of things I need to pick up at the store the next time I go, a list of addresses for Christmas cards, a list of things to do today, and an agent list of those I'm querying for a recently completed manuscript. There's also a list of Christmas gifts with satisfying check marks next to the ones I've purchased.

Marking items off a list is a wonderful feeling. It shows me I'm making progress, and that's especially important on those days when I feel as if I'm butting my head against a wall. As long as I can mark off more items or finish more lists than I add in a day I'm in good shape.

Are you a list maker? If not, how do you keep your dust bunnies from taking control?


Jackie Houchin said…
I am absolutely a list maker! And I also make a list of lists of things I need to do or take or buy... especially before a vacation trip. But they keep us organized, right?
Carol Kilgore said…
Good for you.
Lists are about the only thing that keep me organized, too.