It's Time

I'm back from my Birthday Bash, relaxed and rejuvenated.

And now it's time to bring this baby live and kicking into the blogosphere. I started writing here a week or so ago, but didn't advertise to anyone because I wasn't sure I could or would want to do this thing every day. That's almost a true statement - I did ask a writer friend to take a peek to see if I'd lost my mind. She assured me I was still sane.

Guess what? I can come up with something to say every day, and I love it! So I hope you'll join in and rescue me from talking to myself - and answering.

Here's my goal: I want Under the Tiki Hut to become a gathering place for readers and writers and everyone else to join together and hold conversations. We can talk about writing, but not exclusively. I want this to be more than just another writer's blog. Too often we get bogged down in details and forget everything else. This will be a place for writers to jumpstart imaginations. My interests range far and wide range, so as I've done so far, I plan to write about a different topic every day. And I hope all of you will chime in and pick up the thread, too.

So join in, invite your friends, and see what it's all about - Under the Tiki Hut!


Anonymous said…
Hmmmm, you found someone who declared you sane?

LOL, congrats on the new blog. Hope things are great with you.

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Love the title "Under the Tiki Hut." Will have to doublecheck that my understanding of what is a Tiki Hut, actually is. Working on a 1930's, Golden Age mystery with Aunt Alice Winthrope, a la, Miss Marple . . . a bit. And the setting is the island of Antigua in the Caribbean. Do know something about it and have been there often. Did a mystery writing workshop there at the local bookstore in St. John's. Wonderful time. Drumming up a bit of a following . . . if and when.


Pat Harrington