Full Moon

I thought it must be a full moon, so I checked it out. Sure enough, it is. Why did I think so? Because of strange occurrences over the past couple of days.

Yesterday a closet door in our guest room fell off, missing me by less than an inch. The doors are the pull-apart kind, and I'd opened the one on the left. Everything was fine until I started to close it. That's when the door on the right crashed to the floor. My live-in handyman is still flinging nasty words at it this morning because it refuses to cooperate with him.

Not so personal, but still weird, the Corpus Christi PD arrested a suspected burglar at a gas station. What's bizarre about that? The guy went in through the roof overnight when the station was closed and was still there the following morning because he couldn't get out. Now I don't know about you, but if I could find a way to get in, I could figure some way to make an exit. Here's a link, but you may need to do the free-register thingie to read.

And then, someone who knows me questions my sanity in the comments. Whell. That's OK . . . I still like him. It's just a full moon.


Your sanity is being questioned? Tell me it isn't so. ROFLMAO.