I'm a visual person. As such, color has a big effect on my life and moods. It also plays a large role in my writing, but that's a Monday post.

Colors in nature are always spectacular. Here on the coast, there's a large shorebird called a Roseate Spoonbill. Sometimes I've seen them fly, but mostly I see them in the salt marshes - bright pink against dark green grass. Stunning.

Different colors and color combinations can change my mood, even if only temporarily. Colors that make me happy: red, yellow, orange. Colors that make me gloomy: mauve, beige, most pastels. Colors that relax me: blue, green.

I love black and white because it's crisp and clean. I love the way a ray of sunlight can highlight a portion of a palm frond and turn it golden as it blows in the breeze.

When a thunderstorm is rolling across the bay from the Gulf, the sky is deep blue with a hint of gray and the water looks like green ice, even though it's warm. I could watch that all day.

Today is cloudy. I love rain, but not days that are cloudy with nothing to show for it. This may be one of those.

How does color affect you?