Am I Awake Yet?

There are morning people, and there are night people. There are no in-between people.

Opposites attract, however, and many times early birds fall desperately in love with night owls. And vice versa. Such is the case with my live-in handyman and me. Let me just say that he LOVES mornings. He doesn't just get up early, he loves mornings with a capital L, loves them with all the birds chirping their plans for the day and the sun wiping sleep from its eyes. Loves, loves, loves!

And he's in bed by 10 p.m.

Ten? The day is just beginning. The birds have finally shut up. Don't get me wrong, I love birds and their songs and seeing them fly. But around here, they make a lot of racket. The other day, one flew into my writing window. Almost made me have to clean my chair.

But the nighttime is special. A little soft music - can't play it loud or it will wake my handyman, but that's OK. It's perfect for reading. Or writing. Or thinking. Or staring at stars outside my writing window. Recharge time.

So which are you - early bird or night owl?