Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I love surprises.

Good ones, I mean.

I'm working on a new manuscript, and I'm getting plenty of them. Characters I'd envisioned one way are showing me their real lives. You might say their lives are a little different from what I thought initially. And for the better.

At least no one has laughed at me yet. That happened one time. About 50 pages in, my protagonist told me she'd given me a fake name. Her real name was entirely different. After I made the changes, she shaped up and stopped giving me trouble.

Characters are like that.


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Isn't it fun to see where your characters lead you!?! Nothing I have written so far has gone in the direction I thought it would thanks to my characters who take control.

Carol Kilgore said...

Me either! Sounds like yours are as headstrong a bunch as mine.

Waconda Springs Soap Works said...

I had one that had the perfect name...yet I kept typing his name wrong. One letter different. Turned out I had the name wrong, but he didn't. lol

Carol Kilgore said...

Characters love messing with our heads.