Sunday, December 14, 2008


I'm a little bit of a foodie.

Love to eat, love to cook. Really cook, I mean, not just slap together a sandwich or make the same things for dinner week after week.

Hate to clean up, but my live-in handyman doesn't mind that so much.

I like to try new recipes and make new creations of my own. Some of my best creations, however, are one-time wonders.

That's because they occur when whatever's in fridge goes in. And the deal is, what are the odds I'll ever have those same exact ingredients ever again? Do I ever think to write down what all went in the pot? No.

If the dish turns out really good, I can usually remember what I used, but the amounts would be iffy. I've tried to re-create certain things, but none of the re-creations have tasted as good as the original. Maybe one day I'll remember to write it down.

What about you? Do you do this? Do you even like to cook?

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